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Harrell Enterprises, LLC is a minority-owned real estate development company that strives to uplift communities and improve the lives of residents.

Mission Statement 

At Harrell Enterprises, LLC, our mission is to create vibrant and inclusive communities through real estate development. We are committed to providing affordable housing options for seniors and veterans. As a minority-owned company, we are rooted in our values of giving back to our community, fostering generational wealth, and leaving a lasting legacy. We strive to build homes that not only meet the needs of our residents but also contribute to the growth and prosperity of the surrounding area.

Vision Statement 

Our vision at Harrell Enterprises, LLC is to be recognized as a leading force in real estate development, known for our dedication to social impact and community empowerment. We aspire to create sustainable, livable neighborhoods that offer affordable housing options for seniors and veterans, fostering a sense of belonging and pride. We aim to create a ripple effect of positive change, improving the quality of life for residents and building a strong foundation for future generations.

What We Do

Our Services

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Ground Up Development

We are dedicated to recognizing and addressing each community’s distinctive needs. Our comprehensive ground-up development strategy, driven by our vertically integrated team’s expertise, transforms ideas into reality for seamless execution and optimal outcomes.

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JV Partnerships

With a distinctive team and extensive collective knowledge, we establish a strong foundation for creative joint venture partnerships. Leveraging our unique abilities, we forge strategic collaborations that combine diverse expertise and resources, unlocking innovative solutions and maximizing project potential.

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Rehabilitation, Remodeling & Renovation

Our Rehabilitation, Remodeling, and Renovation work involves transforming spaces with attention to detail, preserving historical character while incorporating modern design elements. With a focus on quality craftsmanship, we breathe new life into properties, creating functional and aesthetically pleasing environments that exceed client expectations.

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Our culture fosters a passion for our work and collaboration. We prioritize efficiency by minimizing bureaucracy and overhead while emphasizing leadership and creating meaningful value for our clients. These principles create an environment that drives innovation, growth, and purpose.